A Note To Self

Swallow your pride

We’re getting older, you & I

& shorn are those short-hairs we held them by

For such a short time


Walk toward the light

I know you think we failed at life

But smile with your eyes like you’re satisfied

& try to act polite


You meant what you said

& they put a price upon your head

These places your therapist fears to tread

Well I bet you knocked him dead


This cascade of curls

Us GRRRLs, we’re not long for this world

Rounds of applause & self-sabotage

I guess you’ve cottoned on


Save your breath

& what did you expect?

You had your shot

Well parish the thought


Bare your neck

But with all due respect

We never had the heart to make you stop

(This dream is all you’ve got)


So who’s left to blame?

Boys raised with hyphenated names?

Or middle-class slags of a certain age?

Well I guess I rest my case


Lift with your knees

They know we’ve nothing up our sleeves

& if speed just makes chalk dust of my back teeth

At least I’ve said my piece


Save your breath

& what did you expect?

You lost the plot

Well parish the thought


Bare your neck

& with all due respect

You’re mine until the seatbelt sign goes off

Who says dead men don’t talk?