Careful Who You Dance With

He’s eager to leave

Squeeze six in this taxi’s backseat

He’s animal grace

He’s heartbreak in spit-take

& we run these streets

With tongues neatly tucked in our cheeks

We’re easy to please

We’re equally cheap meat

Be careful who you dance with

Somebody’s bound to get his head kicked in

This wasn’t how we planned it

Now don’t go asking where we’ve been

We’re all reckless romantics

Why fight the function we’ve been furnished with?

There’s no good way to say this

Best just to take it on the chin

Left limp in the wrist

Trade spit with this celibate kid

They know where you live

You know who I’ve been with

& kicked in the ribs

Some kid with his sibilant lisp

He knows what he did

& the lads left him lifeless