Under a sky of patent leather

Together just one last night

& when it’s time, just remember

That these were your reasons why


A slap on the wrist

There are fates worse than this

Though none that spring to mind

If you close your eyes

& think it over

It’s better we said goodbye


Let’s not talk of love

Exhausted by the though

As if love was enough


I held my breath

You held my interest

Mysterious marks around my chest

& when it comes, I will miss this

From navel to neck


I pursed my lips

You kept my secrets

Enough hope to hang us both with

Then in the end

We begged forgiveness

& they left us for dead


So let’s not speak of love

Or make-believe we’re more than the parts of the sum


Dearly departed, look what we started

They looked at you sideways, always the bridesmaids

Who rubbed who the wrong way, who fell in the first place

Who paid for the Privilege, & who fell to pieces

Let it go


& Let’s not talk of love

Exhausted by the thought

Wasn’t love enough?