The Pornographer

Oh lost love of mine

Who gentlemen objectified

I’ve seen the price & Christ, I sympathize


But then what was I?

Whose charmless arms you slept inside

Who prays one day we make this same mistake twice


I’ve learned all my lines

& marked all the cues

So boys stand aside

Before I’ve thought this through


I’ve been over this a thousand times

The gist of this I’ve thrice revised

But hard as I’ve tried, I’m helpless to describe


Because there stood I

With what’s left of these looks of mine

Tone deaf & dumb, my tongue too occupied


So Love’s come to town

Now you know what I’m obliged to do

Cruel to be kind, But I’m still fond of you

Because you’re just like us

Who tarnish everything we touch

Hands out in front with blood up to the cuffs

& I’ve seen enough