The Privilege

Give my best to your sister

I guess they sent her to some specialist

She was always this strange, heart-sick autistic kid

But I suppose she made the most of it


Drove herself to the doctors

Thank God your father never caught wind of it

They said she’d caught something awful

But that she’s made it through the worst of it


Bring me the head of my love life

Hopes rise waist high

 It’s never quite like the first time

But I don’t mind tonight


Praise the prodigal father

The boys, they grew into embarrassments of men

Raised up of soft constitutions

I know he left you to the savages, but save it for your analyst


Don’t know if you remember

Your face was lovely, like a woman’s then

A less than confident lover

You said you’d never fall in love again


Bring me the head of my love life

It’s all gone cockeyed

Honey pie, heartbreak’s your birthright

But I don’t mind tonight


Forget my friends from the city

They better bury me in Everett

Leave what’s left beneath the bridge beside the sea

I guess it’s time I’d gotten over it


So much for elegant women

God bless those broad-stroke sentimentalists

& though I know your heart’s not really in it

I’ll just keep paying for the Privilege