Can’t you be still for just one second?

There now, clear the hair out of your face

& try to fit your fingers ‘round your waist

Piece of cake

Oh god, you look great


I know he’d know some perfect thing to say

Though I don’t suppose they’d notice

If we’re a little late

Let them wait

& anyways, remember who was there to square your zipper back in place


Done in by books & bother

& of fondness for another

Well, no one waits forever


Untoward in more than one direction

These questions open-ended by design

We’ll best these indiscretions given time

Provided I might stay another night


I know he knows, and that’s all I’m gonna say

I suppose though that I’ve noticed

You’ve never said his name


More dour on the hour

& duller by the day

But no heart is always in the wrong place


Oh honey, sure I’m flattered

So forgive me for this candor

But what is it you’re after?


If I’m business as usual

& you practice your birth control

Tell me, is this as tawdry as it sounds?

Can’t we be weak for one more second?

I’d reckon this is tough to justify

But I’ve never done one pure thing in my life

Oh nevermind

Just guide these hallowed hips of mine inside those equine thighs